Sunday, November 16, 2008


A broken smile,
A joyless laugh,
I wish I could take
these away from you.

Wise wrinkles,
False teeth,
I wish I could take
these away from you.

I wish I could sleep
with my head in your lap,
and have you stroke my hair,
with your healing hand.

I wish you could sleep,
with your head in my lap.
My hand on your brow
could make you happy again.

I wish I could live,
with you forever.
And in the shade of your love,
die, before you grow old.

The Ultimate Aim

(Prompt:"Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." by Benjamin Franklin
A soldier's words to his wife before he leaves for a battle)

I am no one, a blank, a vacuum,
If not for my beloved country.
My nation is my body and my soul,
And the blood flowing through my veins.

You, my love, are a part of me, as I am a part of you.
And as we both are a part of this kind, fertile mother India.
Who does dare to threaten, with a warning of violence,
This great nation who has taught peace to the world?

Don’t you feel your blood boil,
And your muscles prick,
When the shrill sound of the radio,
Announces those who’ve set foot,
On this holy land,
With malice in their hearts.

I leave tomorrow, as duty calls,
The ultimate aim of a soldier’s life,
Looks right into my eyes and beckons,
To fight for my nation to my last breath.

When I go tomorrow, my love, very far away from you.
From where my naughty mutterings, may not reach your ears.
I beseech you, my dear, not to pray for me.
But to save all your prayers, for our harmonious homeland.

I cannot promise a safe return,
When in this world, nothing is certain,
But death and taxes, and my love for you.
The only promise that I can make,
Is that I will never cause you shame,
By showing my back to the foe.

May I stand without fear, in front of a rogue bullet,
before it seeps blood, from our brave nation’s chest.
Not only me, but many like me,
Will be willing to die, in this battle for pride.

If I die in the battle, I only ask you once,
not to lament my death, Not to shed a tear.
Just place a white rose on my grave,
Then, turn around and walk away.

You Started Something

When we are in love, we forget that there was a time when we weren't. When love starts waning, we are not ready to accept the fact. We try to defend it and do not give up easily until life takes its own course and informs you in no uncertain words that it is over and it is time to move on.

Days were bright and shiny,
nights were just too short.
When your playful eyes,
promised me the stars.

You started something candid,
that won my innocent heart,
I felt complete and happy,
and sure that this would last.

Like the vicious circle,
This was too good to be true.
It had to end someday,
I wish though not so soon.

Your vacant, distant eyes,
comfort my fears no more.
Your heart is not with me,
I can feel it in my soul.

I am too scared to let go,
and take on a different road.
I am too brave to cling,
And let you lead me on.

Life will take its course,
Like a river it will tread,
This thing that you started,
Will slowly die its death.

A Faraway Light

A trance ends with a shattering clamor.
The light from the golden days recedes,
like the fading memories of a dream,
whose joy and sorrow know no bounds.

Throughout the world the darkness dwells.
Flowers wilt with the smouldering sorrow.
The rainbow sheds its colorful attire,
And puts on a mournful cloak of gray.

Life seeps out of the comatose earth.
Sky burns red in the fire from hell.
In land devoid of the essence of joy
Tears evaporate and smiles freeze.

A nightmare ends with a silent wave.
A faint sunray peeps at the gloom.
The lifeless earth shakes itself,
and rises up to fight its battles.

A tiny sapling raises its head,
and looks around at reviving land.
After days of depressing doom,
A faraway light is brighter than sun.


(Some Random Thoughts)

Wake up!
From your self-pitying stupor.

Look around!
At the land of abundance.

Reach out!
For the stars far-away.

Stick to!
The ground beneath your feet.

All thoughts that hold back.

As a pure-white soul.

Confident and victorious.


A devotional song in Hindi says:

"Sukh ke sab Saathi,
Dukh mein na koi."

which means,

"In your good times, everyone is with you,
But in your hard times, there's no one."

Why do you turn away?
All of you!
From me, who you
once called friend.

Was it so fragile?
The thread
that bound us together
to keep us one.

Today, it was broken
by the weakest force.
Only on the grounds
that I'm happy no more


(My first Acrostic)

Never again will they be the same
Over! those days in mama's arms
Sand Castles by little hands
Torn down and dragged away
Across the oceans by thoughtless waves
Little moments wilt with time
Garden of roses though dry and wild
Its fading fragrance still does linger
And fills my aging heart with yearnings