Sunday, November 16, 2008

You Started Something

When we are in love, we forget that there was a time when we weren't. When love starts waning, we are not ready to accept the fact. We try to defend it and do not give up easily until life takes its own course and informs you in no uncertain words that it is over and it is time to move on.

Days were bright and shiny,
nights were just too short.
When your playful eyes,
promised me the stars.

You started something candid,
that won my innocent heart,
I felt complete and happy,
and sure that this would last.

Like the vicious circle,
This was too good to be true.
It had to end someday,
I wish though not so soon.

Your vacant, distant eyes,
comfort my fears no more.
Your heart is not with me,
I can feel it in my soul.

I am too scared to let go,
and take on a different road.
I am too brave to cling,
And let you lead me on.

Life will take its course,
Like a river it will tread,
This thing that you started,
Will slowly die its death.

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