Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Faraway Light

A trance ends with a shattering clamor.
The light from the golden days recedes,
like the fading memories of a dream,
whose joy and sorrow know no bounds.

Throughout the world the darkness dwells.
Flowers wilt with the smouldering sorrow.
The rainbow sheds its colorful attire,
And puts on a mournful cloak of gray.

Life seeps out of the comatose earth.
Sky burns red in the fire from hell.
In land devoid of the essence of joy
Tears evaporate and smiles freeze.

A nightmare ends with a silent wave.
A faint sunray peeps at the gloom.
The lifeless earth shakes itself,
and rises up to fight its battles.

A tiny sapling raises its head,
and looks around at reviving land.
After days of depressing doom,
A faraway light is brighter than sun.

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