Sunday, November 16, 2008

My far-away Muse

(An ode to the moon)

Behold, child,
Caretaker of the night
Happy moon
Golden bright
Look at it laugh
As it washes the dark

Behold, child,
My far-away muse
It watches the earth
In a quiet truce
These blank stares
Are all it dares?

Behold, child,
Its face fickle
A ball in the field
Or a polished sickle
Phoenix of the wild
From its ashes revives

Behold, child,
The dark sky smiles
As the sly crescent
Travels many miles
Can it hide the steals
before the Sun perceives?

Behold, child,
The brave soul
In the sparkling pool
It drifts alone
Banished by the Day
It has risen again

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