Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Ultimate Aim

(Prompt:"Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." by Benjamin Franklin
A soldier's words to his wife before he leaves for a battle)

I am no one, a blank, a vacuum,
If not for my beloved country.
My nation is my body and my soul,
And the blood flowing through my veins.

You, my love, are a part of me, as I am a part of you.
And as we both are a part of this kind, fertile mother India.
Who does dare to threaten, with a warning of violence,
This great nation who has taught peace to the world?

Don’t you feel your blood boil,
And your muscles prick,
When the shrill sound of the radio,
Announces those who’ve set foot,
On this holy land,
With malice in their hearts.

I leave tomorrow, as duty calls,
The ultimate aim of a soldier’s life,
Looks right into my eyes and beckons,
To fight for my nation to my last breath.

When I go tomorrow, my love, very far away from you.
From where my naughty mutterings, may not reach your ears.
I beseech you, my dear, not to pray for me.
But to save all your prayers, for our harmonious homeland.

I cannot promise a safe return,
When in this world, nothing is certain,
But death and taxes, and my love for you.
The only promise that I can make,
Is that I will never cause you shame,
By showing my back to the foe.

May I stand without fear, in front of a rogue bullet,
before it seeps blood, from our brave nation’s chest.
Not only me, but many like me,
Will be willing to die, in this battle for pride.

If I die in the battle, I only ask you once,
not to lament my death, Not to shed a tear.
Just place a white rose on my grave,
Then, turn around and walk away.

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